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Monova Pes 2016


The movement of your teammates, meanwhile, is sensational – foul. If you have a full back who likes to go forward, you will often see the streaks on the front side of your wingmen, gesturing ostensibly to receive the ball. Give the ball in this situation and you may find yourself horribly exposed. You can reduce their natural instincts by tinkering with tactics, but it is not always wise to ignore the strengths of a player when you can set the system instead.

There is never need to remember combinations of buttons designed to meet your goals. Monova Pes 2016 subtly simplifies everything, never let you feel that you are not totally in control. Sometimes you can use flicks and step-overs to bamboozle an opponent; Sometimes you might need a sudden change of pace to open space. There is a small degree of automation involved, but it is perfectly calibrated: you might not be directly responsible for the little hop which allows you to erase a challenge last chance, but you will feel it was your own mastery that allowed you to get there first. A step closer to the defender, after all, and they surely you stole.

Away from the pitch, the menus are much easier to use, with the ability to pin your favorite types of games to the home screen, while Master League has undergone a redesign of the interface makes one the best career modes more enjoyable medium. I’m not about to list all the licenses that are present and those who are not, as you can easily find this information elsewhere; Moreover, it is clear that if Konami is still trying to recover as much as possible, this is one area where FIFA will always top. That said, PS4 owners this year will be able to use option files: assuming that the PES community does not suffer from a sudden attack of lazyitis then you should soon be able to import lists accurate kits, team names and more.

If Konami has found the right kind of chemistry on the field, he is always looking regarding the comment box. The boiling Peter Drury is a welcome replacement for Jon Champion, but it is a little too frantic, welcoming the objectives and time deflected consolation winners scissors kick injuries to both with the same rhapsodic pleasure in full throat. The contrast with the terminal impressed Jim Beglin is particularly striking.

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